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Thursday, 17 May 2018

The grass is never greener and going potty.

Ok so Wordpress is just as tiresome so I give up trying to be a technical success. What you see is what you are going to get. I will do some short reviews of touring sites and use tripadvisor to inform others of what I consider is a fair opinion.
Enough of that stuff. Back to normal. The garden awaits my attention. The greenhouse is full to the brim but I daren’t plant much out as we are expecting frost tonight.
I have neglected some shrubs for many years and they have become very sickly and potbound. I painted these cheapies from Poundstretcher and I am giving their poor old roots some room.

This poor old rhododendron is about to flower. It didn’t even bother last year so that will be next to be repotted.

The roots have actually grown into the wood of this pot so I am waiting for the OH to give me a hand. I don’t want to damage it too much.

These black tall pots were 2 for 6 pounds. The Lily plants 
are a pound a pot in Morrisons and I planted some white cosmos as well.  Not many pennies spent but I need a pot update. Some have been with me for longer than I care to remember.

We have made a start on the next garden project. OH has cleared the ground in the corner for a summerhouse. It will be a place to relax with a cuppa. The money will come from Steve’s legacy and I hope myself and the family will enjoy using it. It is a shame we have to cover up the original Cotswold stone wall but I need this corner to be put to good use. 
Always plenty to do in this garden. I had to put sunblock on my nose and wear a hat. Even though there is a cool breeze the sun catches you out. So,  I am back blogging and putting up with the fact my  technical devices won’t always work as a team. At age 57 I think I should accept that technical stuff is not one of my strengths. I don’t actually want to learn how to do new things. I am a fan of the Luddites. They never had the stress of the i pad.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Pause for thought.

I am having many technical difficulties with blogger so I am considering a move to Wordpress with a blog of a different genre. As we are enjoying motorhoming as a hobby, I want to share information and tips that have helped us on our way. I will also give honest and fair reviews of where we stay in our motorhome. I will need some technical help to set up so will post a link here when it is good to go. Many thanks to all my readers here. You got me through difficult times and everybody has been so kind and positive. I will still be visiting my favourite blogs. Keep blogging folks!!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

All behind.

What a lovely Saturday gardening day. It struck me though that many things are a month behind. Yesterday we put some reed screening against the greenhouse. Last year everything fried in there even though I pinned up shade. I have some greenhouse netting for the roof this time if we get any heatwaves.

Still no joy on pictures. I’m using an old laptop and a camera which is a big faff. It is  so slow you could go and make a cup of tea and come back and it is still not ready.



The strawberry planters were free. I put as many runners as I could salvage in them so now it is crossed fingers. I am back at work next week so the garden won’t get so much attention as it had over the weekend. I am looking forward to seeing things happen over the next few days as we get some well deserved warmth. So much to do but really looking forward to reaping the benefits. Meanwhile I have been using up my 5p bargains. Loads of fresh veg just 5p in the week. I was really chuffed that the plastic was recyclable too. 

Pouring with rain here. I’m thankful we had a good garden session yesterday. The temperature looks set to rise so I may get the summer clothing bag out and see if anything still fits. I think this winter has seen me put a bit of blubber on to keep me warm perhaps. I think having pleurisy for a few weeks made me inactive which didn’t help. I’m looking forward to some home grown veg to nourish us .

Monday, 9 April 2018

Down in Dorset

Well we finally did it! Two nights away in the motor home. We pitched up at East Fleet Farm at Chickerell near Weymouth. A resounding success. Goodbye winter. I am having technical difficulties with Blogger and photos that not even my clever son can solve. My iPad does not like Blogger  at all at the moment. The above is an old photo. Will resume when I find a solution. Keep on blogging everyone! Reading my favourites always brightens my day:)

Monday, 2 April 2018

Delightful dialects

I have always been fascinated with local dialects. As we are now a society of travellers I fear the beautiful and varied dialects of our regions will become diluted. In Oxfordshire the local dialect is rich and fruity like a good wine. The celebrated poet Pam Ayres is a good example of the local dialect where I live.
I think moving around and going to university has toned down my local dialect.
There are still tones of it especially when I am speaking with older relatives. My daughter has lived away from here for many years now, but when she is home she assumes her country dialect straightaway. There is a slight Essex tang  which her brothers tease her about.
My favourite by far is the North Devon dialect. My mum comes from North Devon and I remember listening to her parents and really it was more a foreign language way back then. I get annoyed when actors and entertainers try to do a Devon dialect.  The West Country has variations so they cannot be just lumped together. The true Devonians have soft consonant sounds and a rise and fall in pitch as they speak. It is fascinating. I once saw these two old sisters from mid Devon on a news programme and it was just like I was in my Grandmothers kitchen again, with her and my Great Aunt. My grandmother also had a wicked sense of humour. I hope children growing up in the UK will enjoy their local dialects as long as they last in these moving times. It is a part of our heritage and our history.

Monday, 26 March 2018

RAC what a let down!

  1. This is the badge that was fixed to my Dad’s Ford Anglia in the 1960s. A company that was respected and admired. I wasn’t so impressed yesterday. We took the van out for a spin to as it was a lovely day. We both remarked it was going well and we were chatting about our next travels with confidence. We dropped into sons on the way back. All very good. Son wasn’t back from work so we decided to head on home. Not so. The van didn’t start. Battery appears fully charged so OH thought the starter motor was at fault. We tried a little trick of rocking the van to move the starter motor into line. Not successful. I had taken out the RAC breakdown relay just in case of difficulties as the van was old. I rang the number and Waited..and waited... and waited... Some 15minutes later and with a waning phone battery, I spoke to a barely confident woman who took our details. Couldn’t find the location for ages etc. At last she said Someone will come to you in approximately 4 hours....... Silence and pause from me as I took this information in. 4 hours? I had paid handsomely for their premium product which they clearly could not deliver. I don’t think 4 hours is acceptable for that level of cover. I know it wasn’t the phone advisors fault so I said very little. I said thank you but don’t bother as nicely as I could. We called other son and a brother and between them we got the van home eventually. I did some googling as I wasn’t too happy with the RAC and lo and behold it would seem there are many disgruntled customers out there. I made a complaint by email as one forum member advised that the complaint number always puts you on hold indefinitely. I emailed my concerns about value for money and said I would look forward to their response. When email had sent, a little caption appeared “Thankyou for getting in touch. We promise to deal with your complaint within 8 weeks.” I also researched getting a refund. Not possible as they only refund during the cooling off period which I believe is a few days. Oh well. I’m stuck with them for now. I can’t afford to take out another cover until I have to. Fingers crossed I won’t have to phone them again. Such is life.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Home is where I hang my hat...

I am 3 pounds lighter in the purse this morning. Seeing as my last post saw me 300 hundred pounds lighter I don’t feel I have been too extravagant. I went to check on my parents to see that they are warm and cosy. I had to pass by the shops, so me being me had to have a look in the charity shop. Warm hats 50p each. These pansies outside Asda were looking cold. I had to rescue them. They were 2 pounds, but last so much longer than cut flowers. I shall plant them in Steves’ place. The white pot of tete a tete he has at the moment are just getting past their best. The cold weather has kept them fresh looking for weeks though.
The woolly hats are a great find. I have very little hair. I have been wearing my current hat day in day out through this cold winter.I fancy a change. With a wind chill of -7 today a hat is a necessary item.
It is snowing here but very light showers. Another indoorsy day ahead. 
A year ago today we were in central London waiting to go into the theatre. Sitting in the sunshine. No hat required for me that day. This weather had better jog on.