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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Home is where I hang my hat...

I am 3 pounds lighter in the purse this morning. Seeing as my last post saw me 300 hundred pounds lighter I don’t feel I have been too extravagant. I went to check on my parents to see that they are warm and cosy. I had to pass by the shops, so me being me had to have a look in the charity shop. Warm hats 50p each. These pansies outside Asda were looking cold. I had to rescue them. They were 2 pounds, but last so much longer than cut flowers. I shall plant them in Steves’ place. The white pot of tete a tete he has at the moment are just getting past their best. The cold weather has kept them fresh looking for weeks though.
The woolly hats are a great find. I have very little hair. I have been wearing my current hat day in day out through this cold winter.I fancy a change. With a wind chill of -7 today a hat is a necessary item.
It is snowing here but very light showers. Another indoorsy day ahead. 
A year ago today we were in central London waiting to go into the theatre. Sitting in the sunshine. No hat required for me that day. This weather had better jog on. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lighter in the purse

Today I got up early and took the car in for a service. There have been warning lights on the dashboard  saying it was due. Then another warning light came on about the tyre pressure. And another announcing time for an oil change. It is always telling me something. A car can quickly cost a lot of money in one go, so I set aside a sum of money to cover such emergencies. I know some  people have no back up fund, and all of a sudden you can become very poor. Every week I transfer an amount I think I can afford into a savings account. Some weeks it is just pence. It depends on circumstances. Every little helps and it soon mounts up to a reasonable pile. I was very glad to dip into it today as the car issues cost 300.00. I need a car. I am not wealthy enough to afford big bills in my household budget. These emergencies need to be saved for. On the plus side the garage gave me a wash and wax so it looks very pristine. If they had knocked some money off the price I would have got a bucket and sponge and done it myself. Such is life :)

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Cotswold Chaos

We thought we had got away with it. Another day staying in. This was one of the main roads early today.
The constant drifting was a real problem yesterday. It didn’t look very deep in the sheltered back garden.
I have to confess I didn’t go far. Only to the bins which were partly buried in the corner. Is there any way snow can be useful? I racked my brain and came up with this. Chilled to perfection. Cheers!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Over the last 2 weeks I have had little choice about what I could do. The pleurisy pain has subsided quite a bit so it has been lots of indoor jobs for me.
It has been too cold to work in the greenhouse so OH got a huge bag of compost from Morrisons and put in the conservatory. I was able to sow some seeds indoors. This is where I have been spending most of my time. We never use the underfloor heating but as I had been poorly it has been on for a few days. It has really brought the seedlings along. The indoor grapevine thinks that Spring is here.

My mother has been having a clear out. She brought me a packet of seeds that she bought in Tenerife on her last visit. It really was her last visit with Dad as he fell and hurt himself and vowed at 92 it was best if he stayed nearer home. These seeds were light and flimsy but I am thrilled I got one to germinate.
It is known as a tulip tree and grows well in Tenerife. It says it is hardy but It might have to reside indoors in the winter. She also found one of the rugs my Great Gran used to sit and crochet from oddments of everyone’s wool. I washed it carefully as this was the days before many man made fibres. I have used it to snuggle up in the snug while Iam blog reading or watching i player.

She made a fair few of these. I think this was considered to be a less attractive one. I think it goes beautifully in the snug and I love it. I couldn’t put an exact age on it but I think it was around before I was born, so approaching sixty years old.
Only light snow for us so far. The sky is darkening as I look north over Burford and beyond. It might be our turn to get some significant snow. I hope not. I love my home but crave some milder weather so I can get out walking. Probably not a good idea to go out in this extreme cold. I do not want to end up in hospital again. One thing about staying in so much is you don’t spend much money. I have time to make do and mend. I have been creative with food I have in the freezer and cupboards. Stay warm and safe!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

If you hum it, I’ll play it.

This piano has been part of my life since 1966. It lived at my parents home for most of that time but as my children grew it found its way back to me. I can play by ear. I had a some lessons as a child but wasn't successful with playing music by reading it from a page. My piano teacher who was a strict woman did not appreciate me playing music “my way.” She told my mother I was wasting her time and my mothers’ money. She offended me sufficiently to be determined to play well. I remember some years back when I was playing at a school event, she was in the audience. Of course she was old and frail but I felt that sense of panic that I used to feel as her pupil. I watched her reaction and realised I was long forgotten in her life. She was just pleased to have a morning out and enjoyed the refreshments afterwards.
It was soon apparent as the children grew that the piano was no longer mine. Some lessons were had by all and my wonderful Steve was the one who played by ear. Soon it was referred to as Steve’s piano. When I downsized recently, my daughter had it in her home. She hoped her boys would be
interested to learn. Steve had a fancy electronic keyboard by then, but he loved to bang out the tunes when visiting the boys. They are not going to play it. It has stood alone for too long so it seemed right to bring it home. I have limited room but it seems to fit well here.
It has been a trying two weeks. I have been in A and E with chest pain. It seems I have pleurisy. At first I had health professionals running around as it looked like a blood clot. I am feeling grateful it was not that. The garden plans have been on hold and I am recovering well. Life sometimes throws you a curved ball. It has given me time to plan and organise. I have tried to use the time off wisely. I have shopped online. Found good value for money where I could. I was brought a gift today. A camellia. I don’t have one in my garden so it made my day.
I am looking forward to getting into the garden. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

D I Y day

Our central heating thermostat has been failing us over the last few weeks. The OH has had the cover off and gave it a wiggle and it would work for a while and call for heat. Then it became a lottery whether we would get heat or not. This has carried on for too long so with a cold snap coming I don’t want to live like this so 43.99 was spent at the local screwfix. It said on the box to be installed by a qualified electrician. This would mean surely another 43.99 or maybe more so not an option. So with common sense for safety, the instruction booklet and help from YouTube we have warmth restored. It has been set to accommodate our needs and hopefully it will save us money. It obviously works better than the old one which we think was far older than the newish boiler we have. Sometimes professionals are necessary but I’m grateful that most things we can tackle by ourselves.
My glasses broke earlier. The tiny screw fell out with the lens for no particular reason. I saved a tiny screwdriver from a Christmas cracker some years ago. I knew it would come in handy. No trip out to the opticians tomorrow now. DIY is very satisfying.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Satuday night takeaway

I don’t think so! Weather has been gloomy again. The OH and I have been in the motorhome warming it up and checking for damp etc. Usual boring stuff of laundry and cleaning had to be done. I decided we would have a curry for dinner. Not the takeaway kind. I had half a pack of diced chicken in the freezer. I had sweet potatoes that needed peeling and using up. Some tasteless budget tomatoes, an onion , stick of celery just becauseI had it in the fridge. I had a can of half fat coconut milk and some curry paste.
Chicken and onion in the pan first then add everything to bubble while slow cooker heats up. Into the slow cooker while I got on with other stuff.

At the end of cooking I added spinach and a good blob of yogurt. This yogurt is just one pound in Asda at the moment.

It tastes really good and lasts for ages. A sturdy recyclable container too that I have plans to re use. I did some oven chips for OH in my new best friend.

I bought this for the motorhome in Aldi back in the summer. It has been used in my kitchen ever since. It is a mini oven grill. It is extremely light and flimsy but excellent 
In the kitchen for small amounts when I can’t justify putting the main oven on. It was 20 pounds and money well spent. We enjoyed our curry and I opened this bottle which was given to me as a present for babysitting. 

It looks posher than it is. It’s just  prosecco. The bottle is lovely and I will keep it to 
Save my 5p pieces in. Cheers! Who needs to spend on a takeaway. This was minutes to prepare and was delicious.
1/2 pack Aldi diced Chicken
2 diced sweet potatoes.
1 red onion chopped
1 stick celery chopped
1 can half fat coconut milk
2 tomatoes chopped
2 heaped teaspoons of pataks curry paste. 
1 teaspoon of lazy garlic
2 cubes of frozen spinach
Chicken and onion in the pan first with glug of olive oil and splash of water. Add curry paste and everything else. Bubble for a few minutes and transfer to warmed slow cooker. Go away and enjoy later. Serve with rice , chips, blob of yogurt or whatever takes your fancy. We are watching the film Exotic Marigold Hotel on tv by the fire. It is really amusing. January can do one. I’m fed up with the gloom of it.