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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Relentless researcher. Talking toilets.

I may be over thinking things but I have done relentless researching about grey water and black water   tank emptying. It seems a right old faff to me. We don't want to live in this motorhome just the odd few days away at a time. I went on YouTube and was a bit horrified at the performance of emptying and cleaning filling etc. When I caravanned many years ago we had a good old portapotti with a small handbag thingy that disconnected and was taken to emptying point and hosed out with the hose in the cubicle. TMI (sorry) but contents were liquid and blue coloured from chemical. All very civilised. The grey water from the sinks just went in a glorified bucket called an aqua roller. The children liked to help push it to the emptying place. Job done. Now it is hoses and fittings and pumps... I am befuddled why the evacuation of waste has become so technical. We have a van nearly as old as my last caravan. It has no side access in the van. It involves kneeling, fiddling with caps and hoses. Rubber gloves and a warning about dangerous germs. I'm beginning to wonder if the old ways were the best. I would happily remove the toilet and put a portable in in its place. When I mentioned this to OH I got a dark stare and harumphhh!! At least the grey water isn't quite so dangerous to hang around in the tank until we get home. I looked for good old Milton tablets that used to be used in baby sterilisers. No one seems to sell them these days. The internal water tank is also an anxiety. In the aquaroller days I knew it was fresh and clean because I could see it. I think I will have to chill out and relax a bit over the waste thing. I know OH is a bit "Out of sight , out of mind.." I just want to relax when I am away. I don't want nightmares of what germs are multiplying in the tanks. Maybe keeping away from google is best for me. I do like to plan ahead though. I think that there must be some kind of degree course at college for motorhome users.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

More weddings and thunder storms

What a difference a week makes. This weddding was heavy rain. We were almost late and I had to run in heels to get to the registry office in thunder and lightning before we got a dousing. We just made it!
I then had a blister and a hole in my tights. Luckily I had other shoes in the car and plasters in the first aid kit.

I just smiled through the pain and no one noticed.The place we stayed at was called Sandy Balls.
Yes it really was! Not at all sandy. We had a plastic log cabin in amongst the trees.

It did the job and it was a comfortable base to come and go from over the weekend. The New Forest is peaceful and we had to drive around donkeys and cattle who sit in the road if they choose to. There were houses tucked among trees with beautiful late summer cottage gardens. The trees are just beginning to turn golden. It was really stunning. I think that houses here are an extortionate price here and the bride and groom have no choice but to rent for the time being.

Before we headed home we couldn't resist swinging by the coast for a bracing walk. The wind was 
getting up and there waves were impressive. We stopped for a coffee break at Barton on Sea with a 
view of the Needles on the Isle of Wight. 

We got back to Oxfordshire just ahead of some thick heavy drizzle. A good weekend and now looking forward to a quieter time where I can get some jobs done at home and in the garden.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A doer upper

Well the motorhome has taken our time and sanity today. I am still cleaning lots of years of grime away . We were sad to discover a leak and the ceiling was wet inside. There has been some repair done at some point but my sense of smell is good and it does not smell of damp. OH went on the roof with sealant and tools looking for the problem. It rained hard again and water was still coming in. It is really old but I didn't expect a leak. I wonder if the sellers knew this. They seemed such nice genuine people. We have to replace the exhaust too. We knew that. There was a mot advisory. The plan is not to spend too much money on this as it is quite old. It still cost a bit though and I don't want it to rot away. We will find the leak and dry out the insulation in between the roof and ceiling. I have touched up the scratched wood interior and covered the cupboard top and table with fablon and a decorative trim(tape from Aldi) and it is looking brighter already. OH has laid some new vinyl floor in kitchen area. I will get some carpet tiles for the rest but first we must sort out the leak.

A before and after photos. The veneer on the cabinet was chipped and scratched so it got a sticky back plastic makeover. The same with the table. It was dull and scratched and I couldn't restore it.

We went out for a short run to the local Poundstretcher for some carpet tiles. About 5 miles into the journey there was a persistent screeching noise. OH thinks it is the brake pads so I think they might need doing too. This van was had better be worth the money! 
On a brighter note I went back to work today. The little people were genuinely pleased to be back after the long holidays. No tears today as the new tiny ones start on Monday. Last years tots have grown like weeds over the summer. I am planning to do a few extra hours at work to cover the initial expenditure of getting the van up and running. I'm very fortunate that I can choose whether I work extra or not. I like to keep to my part time contract though just in case health fails and it gets too much.
Another family wedding on Saturday. It will be in Salisbury and we are staying over in the New Forest. I would have liked to take the van but it won't be done in time. This wedding is on OH s side of the family and we are sharing a lodge with Mum in Law and his brother and partner. Mum in law is recovering well from her heart attack and is looking forward to the day. She has a new outfit. I will love it but am looking forward to life being a bit quieter for a few weeks. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A whirl of a week.

It was my son's wedding on Friday. It was a glorious sunny, mellow September day. The hotel was called the Hare and Hounds in Tetbury Gloucestershire. It was a beautiful place and they got married on the lawn. My nephew did the official photos but the are not released yet.
The happpy couple.

The beautiful dress.

My son with my Dad the oldest wedding guest..

His twin with the youngest wedding guest who only managed to wear his wedding finery for a few minutes before he  did what babies do best and needed changing.
It was a lovely day with both families. Life isn't ever perfect and we all missed Steve with that dull ache that never goes away. He was to be the other best man. His little brother did an amazing speech on his own and just brokedown a little  at the end which was heartbreaking but we picked ourselves up and carried on. We enjoyed the day just as he would have. We all felt him there with us.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Down tools

We worked for the morning cleaning and sorting the van but had to downtools. Mum in law had been taken poorly and the OH's brother had called for an ambulance. Luckily he was there doing some gardening jobs. She was whisked into hospital and she has had a heart attack. We had to drive over the hills to Banbury in the bank holiday traffic.
When we got there she was comfortable and sitting up. She has to be on a monitor for the next 48 hours. We settled her in to the ward after some hours and headed back accross the hills for home. We had so many things on our to do list, but they really don't matter at the end of the day. The most important thing is being there for the ones we love. We never know when it will be the last time we ever see them. Hopefully Mum in Law will make a good recovery. She is 85,rides her bike around the village and walks ther neighbour's dog each day. She also cares for herself, home and garden with minimal help. We didn't see this coming. We never know what is around the corner so it makes me more determined not to waste a single moment of this wonderful life.

It is here!

We found her at last!
Now the fun starts!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Heinz 57

It is the OH's birthday today. We went for a pub lunch with children and grandchildren.  He has had a great day. This evening we were invited to a barbecue beyond Burford. There was something called the Feastival going on. I think it has something to do with Jamie Oliver the chef. The traffic was light though. Apparently you could hear the music from the village I visited today but I couldnt hear anything. The garden was amazing and I took these photos for my grandson who has autism. He is obsessed with trains and he would love this garden.

It was really relaxing watching the trains going around the garden. We had a couple of derailments but the barbecuer who is also 57! managed  the barbecue and the railway with great skill. The weather was lovely and I've really enjoyed sitting out in the garden in the evening. It seems a long time since it has been warm or dry enough.
Tomorrow morning we are looking at a motorhome in Oxfordshire. I'm keeping fingers crossed that this will be the one.