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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Go West... where the sky is blue. Well it was on Sunday.

Well sometimes it is. Sunday was so we went off to Clevedon via a visit to Bristol Ikea. Ikea is a fascinating place. Full of all walks of life trying to improve their home environment. For us today it was
a drop leaf table which takes up little space when not in use. Our dining room is the sun room and it has underfloor heating for occasions, and an electric convector for those chilly times. We decided that it would be cheaper not to heat it for just us two. I don’t like to eat from a tray in the lounge so we are using Steves old room for a multi purpose space. We have a sofa bed in there already and having a cosy dining area for chilly mornings and evenings will save us on heating. We found just the right thing and when folded allows plenty of space if we need the sofa bed up. The motorways around Bristol are best avoided at any time of day so we tend to go the back roads through South Gloucestershire. To get from Ikea to Clevedon we have to negotiate part of the city centre and over the lovely suspension bridge. I think this is worth paying the toll as the view is so lovely.  We like to pretend that Clevedon is proper seaside and if the tide is in it does feel very  Seasidey. The chips smelt so good as we walked along the promenade so we treated ourselves and sat outside looking towards Wales as we ate them. It was lovely to see lots of young families walking along with children in prams and older kids with scooters. Also some older more frail people enjoying the sunshine and getting some sea air. It is a lovely level walk from the pier along the seafront. At the end there is a wooded area up some steps and paths among the trees. This is called poets walk. Good views from the look out point at the top. I came back home feeling refreshed.


  1. I love Clevedon, it's years since we lived close, it was a favourite place to bring the girls on a Sunday morning. We lived in Weston Super Mare but I always preferred Clevedon.

  2. Great photographs. It's so good to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I can almost smell those chips. X

    1. Chips always taste better near the sea.

  3. I wouldn't be able to resist chips. Delicious. Never been to Clevedon but I think I may have to go.