Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Good value and longevity.

18 years ago I took a Saturday job for extra money in an outdoor clothing shop. With discount I bought a lilac coloured front zip fleece jacket. I still have this jacket. I have never felt the urge to get rid of it. It doesn’t seem to age when I wash it. I think with my discount even back then it was 10pounds and I remember at the time justifying my spend to myself. I thought that was old until I realised I have a black skirt that comes out for occasions that I bought in a sale just after the birth of  my twin sons. I use to be a size 10-12 after the first 3 pregnancies. Having twins must have been a step too far for my body, so I needed a size 14. My sons are now 28. Now that’s what you call getting your moneys worth. I also have 3 pairs of Marks and Spencer black trousers that I wore to work. I bought 3 pairs at the time as they were a good comfy fit. I still wear them 12 years later. One pair is a bit frayed at the bottom so they are gardening trousers. If I walk down a town high street I am amazed at all the shops that sell clothes. How many clothes does a human need? 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Frugal firework party.

Is there any such thing? Well no not really if you are buying fireworks but I am not. The local display from RAF Brize Norton will be spectacular enough, even from a distance. The cheapest and most fun is to go to the local high up viewing spot. Get there at 6.30 and wait. There will be others with same idea so make sure you have a good parking spot if you need a car. My favourite viewing spot is quite a car ride away but when you are up there you have a panoramic view. Oxfordshire looking North. Swindon looking west and the South Oxon towns and villages. On a clear night you will see lovely displays popping  up all over in the dark sky. The children love it. Then back home for sparklers in the garden and a slow cooker full of homemade soup and warmed fresh bread waiting. Guy Fawkes night is an odd tradition really but I love it.  It is British and quirky. It seems to welcome in the cold  and dark weather giving us the excuse to light candles and log fires to get cosy. The pumpkin lantern gets another lighting before going in the cospost bin. Although Guy Fawkes is tomorrow, some af the larger displays will be tonight. The menu? Homemade leek and potato soup. There will be a family sized blackberry and apple crumble with custard for dessert. No need to spend lots to have a great family get together. As I write this, the rain is bashing against the window. BBC weather said this will pass through so fingers crossed for a clear night. We don’t have any pets but hoping everything is over quickly this weekend so nervous pets don’t have to suffer. :)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Glass gain

I had a glass gain today. There was a house clearance in the extended family. My cousins partners’ Mum sadly died. They did not want to be bothered with the ornaments and trinkets. I had a look through the box and found 6 crystal champagne glasses. (I don’t drink champagne but they look pretty) Some wine glasses, a pretty set of 3 owls, 2 birds and a hedgehog. I am thrilled with these. They are things I could never justify buying for myself. The ornaments are Swarovski Crystal. I didn’t really know this lady but photographs tell me she was a lady who took good care of herself and her home. I will take good care of these things. I know that as humans we don’t need lots of clutter but these are pleasing on the eye so that has to be a positive thing. A bit more to dust.
No more progress on the van today. I need to get in there tomorrow and try to perk up the shower room. I have been in the shed to see what paint is available and I think it will be rose white. Probably a bit feminine for the OH but he will learn to live with it. I am sad we haven’t done an overnighter yet but the seasons roll around quickly and we can look forward to our adventures.