Saturday, 17 March 2018

Home is where I hang my hat...

I am 3 pounds lighter in the purse this morning. Seeing as my last post saw me 300 hundred pounds lighter I don’t feel I have been too extravagant. I went to check on my parents to see that they are warm and cosy. I had to pass by the shops, so me being me had to have a look in the charity shop. Warm hats 50p each. These pansies outside Asda were looking cold. I had to rescue them. They were 2 pounds, but last so much longer than cut flowers. I shall plant them in Steves’ place. The white pot of tete a tete he has at the moment are just getting past their best. The cold weather has kept them fresh looking for weeks though.
The woolly hats are a great find. I have very little hair. I have been wearing my current hat day in day out through this cold winter.I fancy a change. With a wind chill of -7 today a hat is a necessary item.
It is snowing here but very light showers. Another indoorsy day ahead. 
A year ago today we were in central London waiting to go into the theatre. Sitting in the sunshine. No hat required for me that day. This weather had better jog on. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Cotswold Chaos

We thought we had got away with it. Another day staying in. This was one of the main roads early today.
The constant drifting was a real problem yesterday. It didn’t look very deep in the sheltered back garden.
I have to confess I didn’t go far. Only to the bins which were partly buried in the corner. Is there any way snow can be useful? I racked my brain and came up with this. Chilled to perfection. Cheers!