Sunday, 15 April 2018

All behind.

What a lovely Saturday gardening day. It struck me though that many things are a month behind. Yesterday we put some reed screening against the greenhouse. Last year everything fried in there even though I pinned up shade. I have some greenhouse netting for the roof this time if we get any heatwaves.

Still no joy on pictures. I’m using an old laptop and a camera which is a big faff. It is  so slow you could go and make a cup of tea and come back and it is still not ready.



The strawberry planters were free. I put as many runners as I could salvage in them so now it is crossed fingers. I am back at work next week so the garden won’t get so much attention as it had over the weekend. I am looking forward to seeing things happen over the next few days as we get some well deserved warmth. So much to do but really looking forward to reaping the benefits. Meanwhile I have been using up my 5p bargains. Loads of fresh veg just 5p in the week. I was really chuffed that the plastic was recyclable too. 

Pouring with rain here. I’m thankful we had a good garden session yesterday. The temperature looks set to rise so I may get the summer clothing bag out and see if anything still fits. I think this winter has seen me put a bit of blubber on to keep me warm perhaps. I think having pleurisy for a few weeks made me inactive which didn’t help. I’m looking forward to some home grown veg to nourish us .

Monday, 9 April 2018

Down in Dorset

Well we finally did it! Two nights away in the motor home. We pitched up at East Fleet Farm at Chickerell near Weymouth. A resounding success. Goodbye winter. I am having technical difficulties with Blogger and photos that not even my clever son can solve. My iPad does not like Blogger  at all at the moment. The above is an old photo. Will resume when I find a solution. Keep on blogging everyone! Reading my favourites always brightens my day:)