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Thursday, 17 May 2018

The grass is never greener and going potty.

Ok so Wordpress is just as tiresome so I give up trying to be a technical success. What you see is what you are going to get. I will do some short reviews of touring sites and use tripadvisor to inform others of what I consider is a fair opinion.
Enough of that stuff. Back to normal. The garden awaits my attention. The greenhouse is full to the brim but I daren’t plant much out as we are expecting frost tonight.
I have neglected some shrubs for many years and they have become very sickly and potbound. I painted these cheapies from Poundstretcher and I am giving their poor old roots some room.

This poor old rhododendron is about to flower. It didn’t even bother last year so that will be next to be repotted.

The roots have actually grown into the wood of this pot so I am waiting for the OH to give me a hand. I don’t want to damage it too much.

These black tall pots were 2 for 6 pounds. The Lily plants 
are a pound a pot in Morrisons and I planted some white cosmos as well.  Not many pennies spent but I need a pot update. Some have been with me for longer than I care to remember.

We have made a start on the next garden project. OH has cleared the ground in the corner for a summerhouse. It will be a place to relax with a cuppa. The money will come from Steve’s legacy and I hope myself and the family will enjoy using it. It is a shame we have to cover up the original Cotswold stone wall but I need this corner to be put to good use. 
Always plenty to do in this garden. I had to put sunblock on my nose and wear a hat. Even though there is a cool breeze the sun catches you out. So,  I am back blogging and putting up with the fact my  technical devices won’t always work as a team. At age 57 I think I should accept that technical stuff is not one of my strengths. I don’t actually want to learn how to do new things. I am a fan of the Luddites. They never had the stress of the i pad.


  1. I hate it when something I've always done perfectly well changes, they always seem to be reinventing the wheel these days. It works leave it alone!

  2. I tried Wordpress too with the same results. Blogger annoys but is familiar. Now getting lots of spam comments in for moderation, whereas it used to filter them quite well.....

  3. It's good to be spending time in the garden again. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Summer house. X


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