Monday, 6 August 2018

Faking it.

Days of high temperatures have left me no option. I can’t keep up with the flowers at Steve’s memorial place. In the churchyard it looks barren. Dried yellow grass and sunbaked tributes. I went to one of those “ Plastic Fantastic” outlets on Saturday and bought 2 sprigs of flowers at 2.99 each. There is actually little plastic in them. The wire is covered by a thin green plastic coating and the petals feel like a woven fabric, probably polyester based. I cut the sprig and separated the flowers. They were then stuck in some dry oasis. If you don’t look too closely they look fresh and pretty. I will take them over later. No watering required for these.

We have been seriously grounded. I think the van would have been uncomfortably hot to travel in at the weekend anyway. We decided to try out my Dads new toy. A folding wheelchair. I bought it for his birthday. He is getting less mobile now with his Parkinson’s disease. We took them to breathe in some sea air. We went to Clevedon where it was a lovely 26 degrees instead of the 30 plus we have been having here.

The wheelchair worked well as the seafront is quite smooth and flat concrete paths. The pier was interesting. We had to travel zigzag with it to stop the wheels getting stuck between the planks. I took a picnic and we ate it in a shady seating area by the bandstand. They really enjoyed being able to roam around. I was conscious that He and Mum have been really restricted to what they can enjoy. I hope the chair will help them get out and about a bit more.

My son and daughter in law are staying with us until their house sale completion on Wednesday. They had been away camping at Gatcombe Park for a horse event. There was a cheese stall there and son bought me my favourite black bomber cheese.
I shall enjoy this in moderation of course, over the next few days. Nothing much going on here really. Just keeping cool and comfortable is enough for me this week. The heats saps me of every ounce of energy. I thought my body would have acclimatised by now. 


  1. I loved Clevedon, it's so very English, with the pool at the bottom end and the pier at the top. We lived close by in W-S-M, for years we could not walk on the pier as they were fundraising to restore it. We popped back a few years ago and were delighted to see the pier once again in use. It is a great day out.

    1. The pier is lovely. Restored now. You have to pay a small fee to get on. I think they even hire it out for weddings.

  2. "Plastic" flowers of today are nothing like what I remember from the past - they look very real.
    Looks like a good day out with family

  3. Plastic flowers are amazing these days. My hairdresser has a fake orchid on her desk and it's so life-like.

  4. Great day out for you all. Wish planners et al did have thought of us with wheels to get about. And the pushchairs too!

  5. I remember years ago my husband telling me he had watered the plants in the sun room-they were all fake!!! Looks like you had a lovely day out.

  6. The flowers look very realistic, and are a good idea in the hot weather.
    That looks like a lovely sea front; I like the railings!