Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The best things in life are free.

Very true. However I'm talking about free things of the material kind. I have been given two matching chairs by a family member. I have one in the lounge and one in the sun room.
This one was stopping the two year old sorting out the cupboard and switching on the lamp. They are a good neutral colour and just the right height for my Dad to get out of. He can’t manage a low chair. They are light enough to be portable from room to room. I’m very happy to give them a home.
The next thing was a plastic bin store.
I would never have bought a plastic one as there is enough plastic in our world. It is neat and tidy and maintenance free. I hope it will last for many a year and by then recycling will be possible. It hides the unattractive wheelie bins so I’m happy to give it a home.
The next thing is a bag of apples. 

They were eating apples. A bit scabby so they have been prepared and cooked to freeze. An apple crumble for dinner will be made.
The last thing was actually homegrown and technically I did buy the seeds. A munchkin pumpkin. 

A cheeky little lantern to entertain the grumpy two year old. He has a cold and has been spreading his joy all over the sitting room. It is like a snail trail. I have been following him around wiping snot of of the furniture. I love him lots though.I suspect his wet snotty kisses will give me his cold. The joys of Grandmotherhood.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Down the Road

How lucky are we?! Just down the road we have glorious countryside.

The Cotswold in Autumnal splendour. We kept to the back roads and saw very few vehicles. The villages of Chedworth, North Cerney and round the edge of Cirencester. Back home through East Leach, Southrop, Filkins and home. The van is going well and being a Diesel engine needs regular trips out. We filled up at £1.36 a litre. Shocking price as she only makes 30mpg. A bit cold here for a night stopover. There was sleet yesterday and the fire is lit.
The hot summer evenings seem ages ago already. Back to work tomorrow and my woolly hat has been laid out with my warm coat.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

There is a time for everything.

A Time to blog and a time to be silent. I am enjoying reading blogs but not inclined to write any. The words have not been there for a while. All is as it should be at Cotswold Corner. The world turns and the days turn into nights and vice versa.
The van has returned and the bill for the welding was 1,950 so not as bad as we first thought. Since it has been back, family stuff has got in the way of trips out. We are saying goodbye to children and grandchildren who are relocating to The North of Scotland. They have been living with us until the house is ready. Excited for them but sad for me. 567 miles is a bit far for a short trip to visit. It might have to mean booking flights and lots of Skype.  They fly off tomorrow, so the house of chaos and noise will become quiet once more. It has been a healthy distraction. Yesterday it was 2 years ago our lives changed forever. Anniversaries of those days change nothing. The brutal truth is still the same. It was a day of brilliant sunshine. Some early pumpkin carving has been done. We had a trip to Cotswold Farm Park on Sunday. In the price there were 2 free pumpkins. They won’t be going with them on the plane so they had to be carved and lit. Busy is good.