Thursday, 29 November 2018

Let there be light.

It is that time of year where I feel the need for extra light in my life. The sun has not made an appearance today. The solar panels have not been active. I try not to be wasteful and only light the room we are in. It has been so dark today that I have needed a lamp on just to see what I am doing. My yearly energy splurge is Christmas lights. The ones I have are all led and as economical as I can get. To show willing about saving energy, I have bought a timer and they shall only be on from dusk until 8 pm. It is the children and dog walkers who will appreciate them and I hope they spread a little light in the lives of others. They are going up two weeks later than usual. The weekend of the 14th of December will be the lighting up time. I’m feeling very Scroogeish this year.
 At work, tomorrow will be decorating day for the preschool. We will put up the necessary Christmas bumfluffery after the session, ready for Monday. I have been given some old net curtain and have decided to do a snowy theme in one room. The other room will have the tree and a more cosy theme.
I made a cardboard fireplace. The roll of wallpaper was given to me some time ago. I knew it might come in handy for something.
I haven’t made it 3d as we have no space where I need it to go. The major cost here was the battery operated fairy lights from the pound shop. The stockings have been around for many years and need a new lease of life.

I sat and cut snow flakes to festoon around the net curtains in the snow grotto. All for pennies and I have two sets of donated white lights. The children will make decorations over the next few weeks so I’m sure it will soon look a lot like Christmas. 

   Just a few  tea lights lit to get my light fix for today. Too warm for a fire tonight.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Soggy pumpkins

Glad to know this because ours were rather big and soggy for the compost bin. It doesn’t feel such a waste now.