Sunday, 20 January 2019

Old Father Thames

Down in the flat Thames valley,  just a few miles away is Chimney Nature Reserve.  It is a series of paths and bridleways around the Thames. It is a great place to walk away from traffic and roads. It is on the flight path to RAF Brize Norton so a bit of whining aircraft noise above. 

 There were splashes of colour in the bare winter hedgerows.

A row of pylons that seem to go on forever to the horizon. 

  A rickety wooden bridge that reminded me of the story Billy Goats Gruff. It really was rickety and in places rotten when I stood on it.

 A dark and cold Thames on its way to London and out to sea. Not so wide here but boats do come up as far as Lechlade. I didn’t see any today. We weren’t far from where the river Windrush joins the Thames to give it a bit of a boost. This is a relatively straight bit of river but it meanders with the odd ox bow lake. I remember learning about these terms in Geography lessons in th 1970’s  A great example of an old river. Slow and steady, always brown. 
As per normal my phone ran out of battery but I saw catkins and snowdrops. The birds were singing and the sky had blue bits in it. It certainly wouldn’t have been so pleasant yesterday in the drizzle.    The air had a chill in it and I was glad of my hat.

 A satisfying Sunday stroll.


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely freezing. River looked very forlorn.

  2. Winter walks can be very good. And you can go home, take your boots off and eat crumpets.

    1. Sadly no crumpets today although I was hungry when I got home.

  3. A nice number of steps and a beautiful winter walk, too. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the season!

  4. I went for a walk along the prom yesterday and it was surprisingly calm, no wind and lovely sunshine. 12k+ managed but only 6k today so far.