Sunday, 17 March 2019

Royal Berkshire.

we fancied a stroll by some water today. I looked at the forecast and it seemed a bit windy with a wind chill if we went westward. We decided to go Eastwards where the Thames gets wider. The OH looked at the National Trust Website and we decided on Runnymede in Old Windsor. I think we got into Surrey and Bucks as the sat nav took us up the M25. My nerves were shot to pieces as I try to avoid motorways. The OH doesn’t care and is a an excellent driver so I don’t understand why I get anxious. When we got there, the river was wide and racing along towards London.
It was far from a peaceful walk. The main road to Windsor runs alongside the riverside path. Above
there were planes ascending one after another from Heathrow. It made me wonder how polluted the
air was around this pretty riverside place. The Magna Carta was signed here by King John in 1215. There is a timeline and statue of her majesty by the river.

We decided to have our picnic in the car as there were a few hailstones flying around and the traffic noise was annoying. I’m glad I went as I have never been there before. We decided to go back the scenic route which was lovely. Through Windsor, Wargrave, Henley upon Thames and back into Oxfordshire, Dorchester upon Thames, Abingdon and home. The willows were  budding and there were beautiful magnolia and blossom trees. Daffodils and narcissi. Against the bright blue skies it made everything stand out. There were dark storm clouds too. We saw lightning and a rainbow. It made a nice change to go out after the wet and windy stuff that has been relentlessly hitting us. We left Vera the van at home today. The car had an outing. I have been busy washing the utensils and wiping out the cupboards so she wasn’t quite ready for an outing today. 

Thursday, 14 March 2019

spiders and worms

One of the grandchildren showed me her new toy on Skype,  paid for by her birthday money. It was a plastic egg with a soft toy inside. I tried not to look horrified when she told me it cost 25 pounds!! She looked very pleased with it but I wondered how long it would be before it found itself at the bottom of the toy box, forgotten.
At pre school this week our theme for learning is nursery rhymes. This week it is Incy Wincy Spider. As funds are low for resources, this is what I came up with.
This was three packs of spaghetti, 20p per packet, some plastic spiders from the bug play box and a sprinkle of glitter. This provided a whole day of sensory fun for pennies. I suppose the food waste is sad but after 28 sets of little fingers all day, the best place for it was the bin.
This is my home made Incy Wincy play board. It is my old dishwasher cupboard door, a bit of waste pipe and brackets from the OH’s useful hoard in the shed. Two holes in the pipe,I drilled top and bottom. With some string threaded and tied, Incy Wincy can be moved up and down the pipe. Incy Wincy is an old pram toy out of my toy box at home.  Two offcuts of wood screwed to the bottom to make it stable. Made in moments and will provide lots of lasting fun.
Providing entertainment for pennies gives me great job satisfaction. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

I have been hibernating from Blogland. I have been just getting on with what I can manage. I feel Spring is on the way. I have been in the motorhome cleaning and preparing for new adventures. It has been a long grey winter. The sunshine we had some weeks ago was missed as I was in bed with a virus for most of it. Back to full health and looking forward.