Sunday, 13 October 2019

Rain dodgers.

The grandchildren from Scotland are here. They have grown hardy while they have been away. Rain and wild weather is embraced. They brought wet weather gear and wellies so out we went. Bourton  on the Water is just 9 miles away so we went to Birdland just beside the main car park. I haven’t been here for years. If an attraction is on your doorstep often you don’t bother going there. It has improved greatly over the years. An enjoyable time. The rain took a break while we were there. The children enjoyed the puddles.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Blogger bother

I really appreciate all your comments but sadly can’t reply or leave any comments on my favourite blogs. This has happened before but resolved itself. I hope this will be the case again.

Snack attack

I was listening to the radio earlier and the discussion was about childhood obesity in the UK. I do believe there is a problem as children are definitely kept indoors more ”to keep them safe” and eat too much sugar and fat laden processed food. The above is a picture of a deep fried pizza in batter. My horrified step daughter took a picture of this in her local takeaway. She now lives in Scotland. I’m sure these are available in English takeaways as well.They also had deep fried battered Mars Bars on offer.  She told me school children were buying these to snack on. When you are young you don’t really see the bigger picture. I hope these children are going to be better educated in the future. They will be the next generation draining the resources of our crumbling NHS. Literacy and Numeracy are all very well but this generation will not be fit enough to get a job and contribute to our economy if we don’t act soon. I would like to see Food and Nutrition along with Health and Wellbeing as statutory in our school  curriculum. I get it not every child is fond of PE and sport. There are many other ways to get healthy exercise.  Our food preferences have to change or we will be robbing these young people of their lives. Rant over. I don’t want to be a total killjoy as I enjoy the odd calorific treat. I don’t think I could eat a deep fried battered Mars Bar though.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Laundry 1960’s Style

Thanks to everyone who left comments. I am amazed at how many people read my blog.
Yesterday I did a washing machine clean and service. Cleaned the drawer and pulled it out to see what was beneath. Apart from usual filth there was the added bonus of  two pound coins and a trolley token I had lost somewhere. While I was doing this I was thinking of days gone by. No filth under my mother’s twin tub years ago as it was pulled out every week to do the weekly laundry. Nowadays we have liquids, tablets, stain removers and powders to baffle us. My mum had a scrubbing board with fairy soap bar for any stains and then in the tub it went. There was a box of Tide or Surf powder. I don’t remember any measures. No fabric conditioner. It just got poured in. I loved the deep sloshing sound and it tossed back and forth. Emptying was always tense. My job if I was there, was to hold the rubber pipe steady as it emptied down the kitchen sink. This hooked over the sink but occasionally slipped out causing a mop situation in the kitchen. Then some huge tongs were used to slop the wet soapy laundry into the spinning section. This was when you really had to watch over the pipe in the sink. As the motor  revved up, the whole machine used to vibrate and move around.
 It was a significant weekly effort to get the laundry done, dried and ironed. How fortunate are we? I have a washing machine. I put capful of liquid in, shut the door and press a button. Zero effort is required. I always try to line dry my washing but I do have an intelligent tumble dryer that senses when the washing is dry so I don’t waste precious energy. This gets used very rarely. I remember walking through damp sheets in our back porch when I was young. 

I remember having one of these cabinets and my mum rolling out pastry on the pull down shelf? It dawned on me that technology moves along without stopping, and soon we are desensitised to change. It is good to reminisce from time to time.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Hurrah for UK holidays!

Back again. I am an all or nothing kinda gal. I don’t do air travel anymore. Bad for the planet. Don’t like airports and parking, delays and stress. I don’t feel my life has become narrow due to this. More the opposite. I managed to swap some work days around and had a week off in the beginning of September. We took the parents away for a break in Somerset. I hired a disabled van at the Hoburne Park at Blue Anchor. It was well equipped and clean and did the job for the week.
This was our view to Wales over the murky sea in Blue Anchor Bay Somerset.  The weather was dry and breezy. There were high tides and we could often hear the sea crashing against the sea wall. I got really wet taking this photo

Dad has Parkinson’s and after a recent fall and injury to his shoulder, it was wheelchair for him most of the week. We did trips out in the car. Exmoor and Porlock Bay was stunning as ever.

At the village of Bossington we enjoyed morning coffee at a tea garden.


Back at base it was good to wander along the seafront and onto the beach at low tide. We enjoyed watching the steam train going backwards and forwards from Minehead to Bishops  Lydiard

As a surprise to the old folks, we met my brother and my youngest son who were on a business trip in the West Country. They stayed in The Ship Aground in Minehead. We had an excellent meal there. The  service and food was outstanding. All in all the week was a success. I did the cooking apart from going out once. This was because Dad finds eating difficult at the best of times with Parkinson’s and a poorly shoulder meant he wasn’t comfortable for very long. I have to confess I was tired when I got home. I’m glad we did it though. It made me appreciate good health and hanging on to it as long as I can.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Busy but blessed.

I have not written for ages because of severe writers block. Still reading and following blogs but sitting on the fence rather than jumping in.
I am having a rare “day off” from being a carer. My Dad is 94, a newborn in the family, and lots of ages in between have needed a piece of me recently. I’m not complaining as I am healthy and well enough to take on this role. 
We have managed a few short weekends in the motorhome. She has passed her MOT and is good to live on for more adventures.  Blogger is as difficult as ever to use on my iPad so nothing changes. It won’t let me access photos today.
The little veg plot has done well. Still wading through tomatoes, runner beans and courgettes. There is still a handful or two of raspberries every day.
I’m finding working difficult to fit in at the moment. There are many appointments and care needs for the parents. Seven years until retirement so need to pace myself. My Mum has a carers  allowance for looking after Dad but needs support now. She is 84 and finding it harder to get everything done in the day. I am enjoying sunshine today as another storm is on the way tomorrow. The garden awaits attention. Have a lovely day Bloglanders.