Saturday, 28 December 2019

And so this was Christmas...

Seventeen people ranging from age 2 to 95. Food prep shared by daughters and sons and their spouses. Nothing much for me to do but enjoy.

Everyone full and lots of lovely leftovers for all. A sunny day for a change too. A period of rest and reflection now and no more family get togethers until after the new year. Teamwork made it a lovely day for all.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Long time absent.

I have managed to resolve my security problems on the iPad so I can now comment on other blogs.
This is the outside Christmas tree in the back garden. It was a tiny potted one from Waitrose. Steve came home for Christmas in 2014 and brought it with him as it had been in his flat. We planted the tiny thing in the garden and what a blessing it has been to watch it grow. Our last conversation was by phone on that life changing day. “Mum would you mind if I went to New York for Christmas? I said we will miss you but what a lovely opportunity, you should go. Make sure you send me a picture of the Christmas tree in Times Square. Well sadly, he didn’t get to New York but we are creating our own Times Square tree in the back garden. It is growing at a rate that is alarming the OH. Taller than the 6 ft fence this year. These 600 blue lights were in the Wilko Christmas sale last January. We will add more colour as the tree grows. We also got a timer that comes on early evening when I am cooking dinner. I can see it from my kitchen and it just makes me remember how lucky we were to have him.