Sunday, 19 January 2020

A snatch of sunshine.

Blue skies today so making the best of where we live. Just minutes away by car from where we live is a wintry Bibury.
The National Trust Almshouses have people living in them. Not very private as tourists stop for photos on the doorsteps. I dare say the occupants come and go from the back of the houses.

The ducks were few and far between today.
It was uplifting to see signs of life here and there.

After a walk here we went the back road about 3 miles to Northleach. As a Cotswold small town I think it gets overlooked.
We walked around the quiet narrow streets up to the church. It was gloriously warm in there and the sun was streaming through the stained glass window.
We then decided to warm ourselves up by having a hot drink. (the pastry was for the OH)
It was a lovely Cotswold wine bar/ cafe looking out on to the sunny market square. All a few minutes from home. It does me good to visit these places around us. So much better when not teeming with tourists. I think the cold put off the day trippers today.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Weathering the storm.

I don’t even want to open the curtains this morning. I know it is dark and dreary. I think I am solar powered as As soon as the sun comes out I am energised and get stuff done. I haven’t achieved much at home recently as the parents have both been unwell. Both on anti biotics for a chest infection.  I did plant some sweet peas when the sun came out briefly yesterday. 
The motorhome will get some attention today. It really needs a good outside clean but inside will get an overhaul. I will check nothing is damp and hook up electric to run a heater for an hour or two. 
Nothing interesting to write about but I wanted to say welcome to new followers and thanks for reading my ramblings and leaving comments. Hopefully I will out of hibernation mode soon and have more interesting things to report.  Keep blogging everyone! Reading other blogs gives me inspiration on these dark days.

Monday, 6 January 2020

One of those days.

We woke up and I prepared a flask and sandwiches as we intended to go out in the motorhome to warm up the engine. That didn’t happen. Nothing wrong with the motorhome but OH decided to shift the work car over a bit to make room on the drive. He hasn’t used it for two weeks. Something must have been left on as the battery was dead. Still no joy after jump starting so it was decided we had better go to Halfords and get a new one. 112 pounds spent. No time for a picnic as he wanted to come back and get the job done. The porch light didn’t work. We had never changed it since moving in. It was a two pin bulb that no one stocked so I had to order on Amazon 8.68 spent. So much for a planned no spend month.  All this before I picked up the essentials from the shop that we needed. A phone call from DIL who couldn’t stop being sick. (12 weeks pregnant) so we acquired a 2 year old helper for the rest of the day as daddy was at work.
As it grew dark it occurred to me that the house with the Christmas lights display in town would be the last day so at dusk we took little man down for a look around.

We put some pennies in the charity box. 
It wasn’t the day we planned but life often has other plans. Poor DIL has been admitted to hospital to get sickness under control. I think I’m going to be seeing much more of my my little helper over the coming days. 

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Low key celebration.

New Year’s Day marked my parents’ 65th Wedding Anniversary. 65 years ago they married on a snowy New Year's Day. It was at Tawstock Church near Barnstaple in N Devon. My Mum was from the hamlet of Lake nestled in a valley between Barnstaple and Tawstock. She settled here with Dad in the Southern edge of the Cotswolds. We had lunch at a local pub Ye Olde Swan Radcot beside the river Thames. This was my Dads local pub in his youth. He and his friends (all now departed)used to cycle a mile or so from the village to enjoy a game of darts. Dad is in his 95 th year and Mum is just a spring chicken, 10 years younger. It was just 6 for lunch. Parents, My brother, S I L , OH and Me.

Happy New Year to all.