Wednesday, 22 April 2020

At the beach.

This is the nearest we will get to a beach for a while.
We had to take a five minute drive to deliver essentials to the parents. At the edge of their village is a farm track that goes straight on through fields until you reach the Thames. The land here is flat with fields as far as the eye can see.
As a child I used to cycle here with friends on hot days for a paddle. There is a shallow edge here that     was ideal for accessing the river. The Thames could be deep and dangerous. In the middle of the river it was deep enough for swimmers but the the bendy river caused nasty currents.
Many former generations of my family would have learned to swim here. No humans here today  except for us.  It was glorious in the sunshine.
I am feeling delicate with ongoing tooth trouble so this was a good gentle flat walk for me today.
I wrote to my MP  to vent about the dental crisis due to COVID 19. After speaking to my dentist at last I got an inkling of what is actually going on. The 219 urgent dental hubs promised are not operating. There are none in our area at all. This is because they can’t safely treat patients due to PPE shortage. My dentist said he will ring me tomorrow with an update but he is waiting to be told what to do and where he can refer emergency patients. On the news, Sarah Burley head of the BDA assured the public that the hubs are up and running with plenty of correct equipment. This is a blatant lie. Just a handful are open in secret locations so desperate patients won’t arrive at the clinics. Absolutely none here though. I am guessing London area would be the nearest but we won’t be able to get treated there. I can understand the problem completely. What I hate is that the government and those in charge choose to lie about it. Maybe they actually believe that everything is in place. Who knows? I hope that Matt Hancock can get someone to organise the manufacture and distribution of PPE much better than what is happening at the moment. Meanwhile it will be painkillers and lots of saltwater rinsing and mouthwash. I think this could be a long term problem. I’m trying not to panic !!!

Saturday, 18 April 2020

NHS Dentists Come Back !!

This was erected by my son in law in honour of his sister and sister in law both on the front line. One is an ICU respiratory physio and one a children’s ICU nurse. We are anxious for their safety and health but recognise they are committed to putting their patients’ safety first.  He found some Christmas lights and nailed them on to make this.

The NHS has seemed far away the last couple of days. I had to ring 111 as I have a tooth abscess. I was due a dental appointment on 31st March and this of course was cancelled. I have been managing with salt water rinses and painkillers. I got to the point I couldn’t go on and discovered by googling it is quite dangerous to do  so. 111 put me in touch with a dentist and  after a video call he prescribed amoxicillin to bring down pain and swelling. No hope of treatment though as he just said if it gets worse we will have to see you. It will need sorting out sometime soon  and I am feeling very anxious about being left in pain with no where to go. I totally get why Dentists can’t work. They would need full PPE and I would imagine they won’t be first in the queue to get it. So my heart goes out to all people who lose crowns/ fillings and have dental infections. I’m sure this is a small daily occurrence in the general population, but at the moment it would have to be serious or life threatening to get seen. Keep safe everyone.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

No spend upcycling

Thank you for leaving comments and welcome to new followers. I am beyond chuffed that people read my ramblings.
After tidying the shed we had a paint stock take. Diamond Dave has repainted the hall way.  It was lavender white but had faded to a greyish dirty white. All fresh again.
He used every last drop in the tin. We had plenty of white emulsion and some satinwood too. This old cabinet in the sun room is 35 years old. It had plenty of life marks and is often a dumping ground of things I don’t really have a home for. That was next for a makeover. The sliding doors came next.

Then we found some china knobs in a bag left over from some ancient chest of drawers years ago. They were perfect for a finishing touch.  If you stand still enough in this house you might get painted!  I’m liking the fact that all we have spent is time.  The bedding plugs I bought from Aldi before the lockdown have come out a bit early.
I may have to move these plants to the cooler greenhouse so they slow down a bit.
I am keeping busy and I love getting all these jobs done but I miss my children/ grandchildren so much. Skype and FaceTime is lovely but I miss them getting out the toys and running around. Exciting for us, I have a Tesco delivery later. So far Tesco have come up trumps with click and collect. This is my first delivery. I don’t feel too guilty about taking the slot as I am shopping for My parents and Mum in law. Keep safe Bloglanders. I love reading how you are all coping in these strange times.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Well that was Easter 2020

 One  day  rolls into another and we are trying to keep busy. The COVID 19 has passed through the Essex family and little Artie is much better. However  his mummy has been left with a post viral rash. She called her GP who told her that she had heard of this happening to others after other symptoms have disappeared. It really is a sinister virus that we are learning about as we go along.
It has been colder today so inside jobs, but we have been outside as much as we can. Yesterday, Diamond Dave fixed up and painted an old pallet to make a plant  display. Too cool for plants at the moment though. They will go back in the greenhouse. I bought the little hanging pots in Poundstretcher last year. I had intended to hang them on the fences but the hooks weren’t wide enough. This pallet will do a perfect job.

We have walked across the fields every day. Yesterday was so quiet. There were a few rumbles of thunder later in the  day, but thankfully we were home by then. Walking through open fields is not such a good idea in a thunderstorm.

Yesterday sun hats and shorts but today back in coats.
These lovely horses are in our local country park. They are made of steel that has gone a lovely rusty colour. It looks empty here but there were a few walkers about. Everyone was polite and social distancing. We had booked up at Easter to take the van away. We weren’t going far in case the weather was cold as it can be at Easter. It would have been perfect this year. It didn’t seem like a bank holiday today. I wake up every morning and really have to think what day of the week it is. Well I suppose this is the new normal for now.  I hope everyone is keeping busy and safe.