Wednesday, 22 April 2020

At the beach.

This is the nearest we will get to a beach for a while.
We had to take a five minute drive to deliver essentials to the parents. At the edge of their village is a farm track that goes straight on through fields until you reach the Thames. The land here is flat with fields as far as the eye can see.
As a child I used to cycle here with friends on hot days for a paddle. There is a shallow edge here that     was ideal for accessing the river. The Thames could be deep and dangerous. In the middle of the river it was deep enough for swimmers but the the bendy river caused nasty currents.
Many former generations of my family would have learned to swim here. No humans here today  except for us.  It was glorious in the sunshine.
I am feeling delicate with ongoing tooth trouble so this was a good gentle flat walk for me today.
I wrote to my MP  to vent about the dental crisis due to COVID 19. After speaking to my dentist at last I got an inkling of what is actually going on. The 219 urgent dental hubs promised are not operating. There are none in our area at all. This is because they can’t safely treat patients due to PPE shortage. My dentist said he will ring me tomorrow with an update but he is waiting to be told what to do and where he can refer emergency patients. On the news, Sarah Burley head of the BDA assured the public that the hubs are up and running with plenty of correct equipment. This is a blatant lie. Just a handful are open in secret locations so desperate patients won’t arrive at the clinics. Absolutely none here though. I am guessing London area would be the nearest but we won’t be able to get treated there. I can understand the problem completely. What I hate is that the government and those in charge choose to lie about it. Maybe they actually believe that everything is in place. Who knows? I hope that Matt Hancock can get someone to organise the manufacture and distribution of PPE much better than what is happening at the moment. Meanwhile it will be painkillers and lots of saltwater rinsing and mouthwash. I think this could be a long term problem. I’m trying not to panic !!!


  1. I do hope you get your tooth looked after very soon.

    That beach area looks lovely. So peaceful.

    God bless.

  2. Poor you with tooth trouble, have you tried brandy rubbed on the offending tooth? I did that once in desperation and it was only my Christmas cake brandy, used up on a tooth. I soaked some cotton wool with it and held it on the tooth, kinda worked with painkillers Hope you get it seen to asap.