Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Thames path

 This lovely crisp February day, I had the desire to walk alongside the water. We are lucky enough to have the Thames path just a few minutes by car. The Thames path by us is remote and far away from any main roads. The only people we saw today were another couple walking, two fishermen and the lock keeper tidying the lock cottage garden. It is a private road down to it used by people who have moorings. You can drive down there but you have to cross your fingers you don’t meet anyone coming the other way. Parking was possible today as a field gate was open and fishermen were parked in there. This is just along from Grafton Lock, between Radcot and Lechlade.

The brown silty river looked blue today. We walked West with the sun on our backs and it was gloriously warm. When we turned to walk back East, the chilly breeze in my face reminded me it was still February.

The blue skies today reminded me of dear Jill at   Land of the Big Sky  and her bracing walks along the Prom. I looked forward to her posts and it was my dose of vitamin sea as she liked to call it.
Sleep tight dear Jill. You will be remembered.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Frosted buds and twinkly lights.


After the mild weather over the last few days I was excited to see the pink buds emerging on the camellia outside the back door. They got a good frosting this morning. The upside of the frost is beautiful sunshine streaming in this morning.

Sun also means a bit of solar light action outside. The Apple tree put on a good show yesterday evening. 

I have been loving some extra twinkle through the dark days of lockdown. I didn’t put all the Christmas lights away. There is something about extra lights that lifts me. 

I have a free to me electric standing fire placed in front of the wood burner. The light function wasn’t working so the bulbs have been replaced. They were some spares from an old light fitting that was too dim. You can hardly see the flame action so I will will have to source some brighter ones. The nights have been too warm for the wood burner. The frost today is a reminder it is still Winter. 

Post COVID jab I can report I felt a little under the weather for a short while. I just felt my body was telling me something is not right here. Slight headache, sore arm and elevated temperature. 37.9 C for a few hours. Woke up fine today. Just a slightly aching arm where the jab went in. I’m sure a few side effects are a good sign that it is doing what it is supposed to.  A good job done. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021


 I was called about the COVID vaccine a week ago. They told me I was to have the Astra Zeneca  but when I arrived today it was the Pfizer. All very organised and fast. I was kept for 15 minutes with a nurse watching behind a screen in case we turned into aliens or keeled over. All good. I feel fine. Came home and repotted a hosta and did a garden tidy.

Out and about,  someone moving house had put children’s toys outside with a sign saying free to a good home. I couldn't resist this car.

I know the grandchildren will appreciate it when they get to visit again. It need a good scrub. There were many other things but the OH gave me one of those looks. I love a free to me item, especially when I know it will be well used.

A lovely smell is coming from the kitchen. A chicken hot pot. Enough to feed us and parents, and perhaps us again. I try to cook at least twice a week for my mum and dad. Mum really appreciates a day off from cooking occasionally. 

The OH put some shelves up above the tv. I haven’t decided exactly what is going on them yet but I felt it needed a little something in that corner. He is going back to work Monday so I’m finding him little jobs to do while I can. 
OH is 60 but hasn’t been called for his vaccine yet. I was in the vulnerable group I suppose. It seems to be moving along nicely in this area so shouldn’t be too long.

Looking forward to some sunshine this week. I achieve more when the sun shines.


Sunday, 21 February 2021

10 months on...

 I never blog when I feel I have nothing to say. I like to retreat occasionally. This has been an unusually long retreat. On reflection, there has been plenty going here in these unusual times. We have had to shield to look after elderly parents so not much real human contact for months. I am so grateful for technology so I get to see and speak to family every single day.

Every morning I check weather, headline news and favourite blogs. A big shout out to all the bloggers that have kept going. I have appreciated you all throughout these strange times.

What an unusual 10 months it has been? Best way to catch up is with a few photos.

2020 Spring walks within a 3 mile radius. 

Beautiful sunny VE Day. Tea for Two in the back garden.

Exciting times. The campsites open again.

Trips out. Symonds Yat

Slimbridge and the Sharpness canal walking to Frampton upon Severn.

New Granddaughter Daisy 

Brightening up the sun room. Wonky shelves dismantled. Teapots scaled down and behind doors in a new to me cabinet. Chandelier given to me from a house renovation.

A quiet reflective Christmas. 

The long dark days. 

I didn’t have any snow photos but temperatures got down to -9 C a couple of nights. Now looking forward to a warmer spell and some good news for a change. 

Jog on Covid. I have my jab on Wednesday and parents are safely done for now. I have been furloughed from work until school return on March 8th. My colleagues in Early Years have been working as usual. We have never seen so many key workers and vulnerable families all of a sudden! Two of my colleagues got Covid most likely from the setting, although government knowalls said we are low risk. One 32 year old hospitalised. No testing. No PPE. Just clean clean clean and open windows and doors. Take them outside in all weathers. No soft toys. No dressing up. Singing out loud banned. This is all the little ones have known in their first year of preschool. Apparently they have taken it in their stride. They wash their little hands like adults and know that a fist bump instead of a hug is the new way of greeting people. I hope it will be good news tomorrow from the government with a road map out of this. Spring on the way. New beginnings. 

A forlorn first daffodil.  Better times are coming :)