Friday, 19 March 2021

Waiting for Wednesday

 Wednesday will be the date of my root canal attempt. I say attempt as I’m not confident it will work for long. The more  I googled  Alendronic Acid that I take as part of cancer treatment, the more I am dismayed that my  teeth may cause me trouble. I understand why I am taking it. The anti hormone treatment is eating away at my bones and it helps prevent breast cancer moving in to my bones. There are probably more reasons to have it than not. I have come to realise over the last week that tooth and jaw pain seriously interfere with quality of life. I don’t want to face that in the future either. On paper, the risk of jaw problems is low overall, but on closer scrutiny it is high for my circumstances and age. It is all a balancing act to stay well sometimes. Ibuprofen and paracetamol are my new best friends. Rant over. It is what it is. 

I have been trying to entice some little birds into my garden. All I get is pigeons, and huge greedy birds. Even baby red kites have been known to come and see what they can get. These fiesty birds were fighting over a fat ball which ended up all over the ground. The little birds are keeping out of their way.

I spent a Thompson and Morgan garden gift voucher back in January. My babies have finally arrived. I chose an olive tree and a hardy banana.
I am trying some more exotic plants in the garden this year. My friend  has a tropical garden nearby. She and her husband tend it together and their hobby has grown into something really special. If you have Facebook they have a page at oxfordshire tropical gardens.. It is worth a look. When you walk into the garden it could be an exotic holiday location. It is just a normal sized urban garden .Amazing. 

Mother’s Day saw some lovely things being dropped off. I have a Monty Don gardening book,
That arrived Saturday evening through the letterbox. Made me jump as it landed  on the doormat. I also had  a selection of convent garden soups. A thoughtful present as I can’t chew anything much

and I’m living on soup. I usually make my own but have not been bothered this week.

A new Emma Bridgewater mug was dropped off with some scones jam and cream.

A beautiful huge bunch of pink tulips. They are drooping a bit now but I put them in the front window to bring some Spring cheer to the passers by.

I have a fleeting sadness each Mother’s Day when I see four cards on the fireplace where there used to be five. 
Steve always came up trumps on Mother’s Day with the most humorous card and thoughtful gift. He was with me in spirit.
The sun is peeping out so time to get outside. I have a grapevine in a pot that needs to go in the garden. Apparently this is the best time when they are dormant. Hopefully it will survive. Take care bloglanders. Back soon hopefully pain free and more cheerful.


  1. I do hope the tooth procedure works for you. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    God bless.

  2. I have plenty of Vines, and just one Olive tree. Two years ago I processed the Olives, and although they were edible and recognisable as Olives, they weren't that good. I'm hoping for a good crop this year to see if I can improve on my previous effort.

    1. My expectations are low on on them producing anything. Amazing to pick your own olives though, even if they weren’t very good. Better luck this season perhaps.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog as we go through this house selling and buying, we're getting through it slowly. Hope the root canal will be alright for you. Birds are wonderful to watch, meal worms bring them in.