Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Well that was Easter

2 degrees C and we  went on an Easter Monday walk. We drove to the Jubilee gardens in nearby Shipton under Wychwood. We were the only people there. Even the ducks were hiding somewhere out of the icy wind.. A big change from the warm sun on Easter Sunday.

We have had little garden visitors and it has been good to see people sitting in the garden over the weekend. 

We inherited a roll of bamboo screening so Diamond Dave put it up. I did some weeding with my warm coat and hat on.

The solar lights are giving a vague light. Some nothing at all. I ordered some solar rechargeable batteries so I hope I can save them from landfill. The string lights are the problem. They don’t seem to last. The glass globe garden lights have kept going for years.

Today is shopping day for the elderlies. I am no longer doing click and collect. I will go in and out the shops as fast as I can. My mum does a list and I add to it what I know she needs. I don’t want to take her independence away completely. I make light of the things she forgets. I don’t think she will ever shop for herself and Dad again. She is set in her ways and likes things from different shops. I have had to get her out of that habit. I only do one shop per week. It might be Aldi one week or Morrison’s or Asda the following. She’s getting used to it. Asda prices are really good so I don’t get too much opposition.

The Caravan and Motorhome club sites open on the 12 th April. I booked some dates months ago but sadly won’t be going anywhere. The sites are open but the facilities not until May 17 th. Our old van has a shower and water heater but it would be a big task to clean and fill just for the odd night. We have a portable toilet but I would rather use club facilities for the unmentionable  calls of nature. That’s us grounded for a while longer. Some warmer weather would be good but looking at the forecast there is nothing on the way. A big change from this time last year where we were in our summer clothes and wall to wall sunshine everyday. Going out will be worth the wait. 


  1. I love the glow of solar lighting in the garden. I do hope you get yours working correctly.

    God bless.

    1. Solar lights are my weakness. I can’t resist buying some every year. Even my neighbours are catching on now and enjoying theirs.

  2. Yesterday was my regular weekly shopping day. The shelves were looking much emptier than usual, and the clothes and toys sections were closed. Now that so much irresponsible behaviour has created another serious wave here, we are paying the price and those responsible are complaining. The perfect storm. We get our first jabs today.

    1. I have to say we haven’t noticed empty shops. Clothes shops although closed offer online services and larger ones click and collect. We were on the M40 on Good Friday and amazed at the amount of freight moving around. Hurrah for the jobs and back to some normality.