Sunday, 10 October 2021

Dog Nanny


Youngest son has brought home Bertie. He is 8 weeks old and very cute. Because he is living just around the corner we are grandparents. We like dogs but have never had one in our lives so far, due to working hours, busy lives and the commitment that goes with owning a dog. This is the next best thing though. Lots of doggy cuddles and fun but he goes home.

At the moment there is the toilet training and chewing everything so I’m happy not to be doing that. He’s doing very well though. Son and DIL have been up in the night . Just like having a newborn human but they haven’t travelled that road yet. My son works from home so they will be company for each other.

He has been on a visit to sniff us and get used to new people. I think we are going to be great friends.

It has been a mellow Autumn day today. Surprisingly warm so OH has given the lawn a trim and I have been tidying up the garden and picking up the last of the windfall apples. It has been a great day to do washing too. Dried and aired and put away. 
I love these Autumn days. I hope young Bertie will help me keep fitter in the cold months. He’s not ready for walks just yet but I’m looking forward to taking him out when’s he’s older.


  1. Mowing and gathering windfalls; sounds like here!

  2. What a cute puppy. I think you will enjoy spending time with Bertie.

    God bless.