Saturday, 2 October 2021



My lovely Dad before he got really frail. 
It has been a rollercoaster time of funerals, weddings and real life stuff over the last few months. Dad faded away gently and passed peacefully in his own bed as he wanted. I don’t feel sad really, as he was ready to go at 95. His poor old body had given up. His mind stayed as sharp as ever. I do feel loss though. This man who had been there all my life has gone. The chair is empty. All the medical paraphernalia gone. A life well lived.x

Well that happened in August and since then there have been weddings, more funerals and events. The OH had a terrible shock as a colleague of 42 years aged 60, collapsed and died in front of him. They were working alone so OH did cpr until the ambulance arrived but it didn’t help. He had a massive heart attack. OH was in awe of the ambulance service as they talked him through what to do until help arrived which was very quick considering their rural location. He has been deeply affected by this being a similar age. We have had a wake up call that our retirement years aren’t guaranteed. We are trying to get out and about while we have our health.
 We have managed some lovely weekends away in the van.

Beautiful Somerset.

Gorgeous Herefordshire and the Wye Valley.
The Gloucester and Sharpness canal and the mighty Severn

We walked along the canal to the river Severn and the Purton Ship’s Graveyard.

I feel really fortunate to be able to go to theses places in our van. 

We are grounded this weekend and it’s just as well. The rain here has been substantial and it is nice to be inside preparing for winter. I have used a gift voucher and got a Himalayan salt lamp.

The glow is more orange than the photo suggests. It feels cosy anyway. 

Our lovely van is in for MOT. Lots of crossed fingers as she is getting an old girl now. If she’s spared another year I will give her an inside make over. I left the umbrellas and raincoats in her and she is still at the garage. A good excuse to stay in. No petrol and diesel queues here as I’ve heard there’s no petrol and diesel. I am happy to stay in and do some baking. Have a good day everyone. :)


  1. Lovely to have good memories of your dad, sad but 95 is a good age. And yes what a shock for your OH, makes us all realise how things can be changed in a moment. Since moving here to Wales, we've gone out a lot more